Monday, August 5, 2013

Join the Revolution Books Contingent
at Bud Billiken Parade
Saturday August 10, 9 am sharp (see below for location)*      
The largest African-American parade in the US is happening in the midst of momentous turmoil and outrage. The Revolution Books contingent has had a powerful impact at the parade for 4 years, bringing the message "We need REVOLUTION".

Now in the wake of the acquittal of the murderer of Trayvon Martin, when many people are deeply searching for a way out of this nightmare, we can make a big leap in drawing people into the movement for revolution as more people are open to this message. centerfold TM cardbord pic

is the overall theme of the contingent and will be reflected in the t-shirts, banners, and signs like "The System Has No Future for the Youth, But the Revolution Does." The contingent aims to present a living picture to the tens of thousands attending the parade that the horrors and suffering the people face daily, here and around the world, come from this criminal system - the people are not to blame - and that this system must and can  be ended through revolution.
rev newspaper 312In addition, we invite people of all nationalities who respect this theme and want Revolution Books to have a powerful voice in the parade to join the contingent.

Those who are burning with a desire to STOP the horrors, including those who have taken up the fight against police brutality andmurder, the fight against mass incarceration and support for the current California prisoners hunger strike to stop torture. The struggle against the brutality and degradation of women and the urgent fight for the right to abortion. The battle for justice for Bradley Manning, a heroic whistleblower who exposed the war crimes of the US, who is facing up to 134 years in jail while George Zimmerman, the racist vigilante who murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood, walked off scot free. Those who are fighting the war crimes of the system against the people of the world and against the planet itself. Join us! 

Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution!TM issue revolution whole system is guilty
To all those who are seething with anger about the legal lynching of Trayvon Martin and those who are agonizing about what to do about a system that justifies it. To everyone who yearns for a world where all children and youth have a real future, where they would be valued as precious human beings and where all their creativity and energetic spirit could be a tremendous force for the benefit of all humanity. To all those who have said "NO MORE" and are waging righteous resistance against the crimes of the system: there is an answer to the question "what is the problem and what is the solution."
The problem is capitalism/ imperialism and the solution is revolution.   It is concentrated in the film: BA Speaks: REVOLUTION - NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live.   We will be getting out 10,000 pluggers at the parade about showings of this film at the Woodson Library on the south side on August 19 and ICE Theater in Lawndale on August 31.

Revolution is possible and we are RIGHT NOW building a movement for revolution. As you are learning about Bob Avakian's scientific approach to making revolution aimed at liberating all of humanity and bringing into being a far better world, contribute to building this movement forrevolution today. To learn more about all this, go to

*Meet Saturday, Aug 10, promptly at 9 am, EAST of King Drive
 at the south EAST corner of Vincennes & Oakwood (between 39th and 40th).
Contingent is #99.
Call for more information and parade day hookup information: 312-860-8167.
 Sponsored by Revolution Books, 1103 N. Ashland, Ave., Chicago 773-489-0930

Banner and sign making meeting
Think about good chants
Pizza Too!
Aug 7, 6 pm
at Revolution Books
new BA Speak Poster with cities
BA-Rev ver

Get to know BA, including videoclip of Bob Avakian speaking in 1969, 1979, and 2003
BAsics Book Cover
New Jim Crow
Decorated Van
Join the Bob Avakian Everywhere Van Tour. Coming to Chicago        Aug 12-19.

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