Thursday, August 22, 2013

 Revolution Books needs your support to raise $1850 for partial August and September rents and utility bills by the beginning of September.
                                    Revolution Books at Printers Row Lit Fest

Right now Revolution Books is needed more than ever. We are at a potential watershed moment when people are outraged and asking big questions. This summer people across the US took the streets after the system once again declared open season on Black youth with the George Zimmerman verdict. Courageous young whistleblowers face severe punishment for daring to reveal secrets of government crimes. Hunger strikers in Guantanamo and California prison are risking their lives to assert their humanity... and challenging all of society to claim our humanity by standing up against torture. Upheavals erupt across the globe, and now we witness the murderous events in Egypt.
Where will all this go? Help save RB and put it more fully on the map as the place to find the books, programs, and engagement to change the world. Make RB a vibrant center for building a movement for revolution.
This fundraising effort is a step in bringing forward a larger infusion of funds, energy, and commitment to not only keep Revolution Books open, but so it can more powerfully play its role in giving nourishment to a movement of rebellious thinking and rebellious action so needed in the world today. This can happen with your generous support. Everyone can contribute to this effort to save Revolution Books. 

Make a one-time donation today or sign up to become a new sustainer.
Volunteer to help organize upcoming fundraising projects and programs.   
Donate quality items and books for September 14-15 sidewalk sale.
Donate to the book fund -you can earmark donation for a particular book or book section you wish to support.
Initiate a fundraising project you know how to do
Contact us with your fundraising ideas. and other needs.   

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