Thursday, January 30, 2014

Darwin Day 
Feb 12, 7-9 pm
Slide Show and Presentation based on: 

The Science of Evolution and 
the Myth of Creationism 
Knowing What's Real and Why It Matters 
by Ardea Skybreak

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Everyone needs to understand the basic facts of evolution as well as the essentials of the scientific method ...When people are deprived of a scientific approach to reality as a whole they are robbed of both a full appreciation of the beauty and richness of the natural world and the means to understand the dynamics of change not only in nature but in human society as well.                                     
"This book will be of tremendous benefit to many..." 
- Richard Leake

$5 Donation to support Revolution Books
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The brilliant and colorful visual displays in the centerfold of the book and its accompanying text, are a concentration of this, walking and working through the entire science of evolution, Darwin's breakthrough, with illustrations and examples, and it seems to me was specially designed for precisely the purpose of popularizing the science of evolution for an audience not familiar with this subject matter. 

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