Saturday, February 8, 2014

FEB 14 Events  

Watch the video "One Billion Rising"
12 noon 
Daley Plaza and dance & sing bring signs, drums, noise makers. 11 am for ride.
Note: Our 4 PM event- at Frenchy's porn shop has been cancelled.

6:30 pm  
Pizza  and open Mic at Revolution Books. Bring songs, poems,  dance and stories. 

The theme of the Revolution Books/ Speak-out and Open-mic:  
"You cannot break all the chains, except one. You cannot say you want to be free of
exploitation and oppression, except you want to keep the oppression of women by men... The oppression of women is completely bound up with the division of society into masters and slaves, exploiters and exploited, and the ending of all such conditions is impossible without the complete liberation of women. All this is why women have a tremendous role to play not only in making revolution but in making sure there is all-the-way revolution. The fury of women can and must be fully unleashed as a mighty force for proletarian revolution."  

- BAsics 3:22, Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party 

"Our mission is to challenge the new generation in particular to reject this culture of rape and pornography, to resist the shaming of women who have sex and/or abortions, to wage fierce cultural and political resistance to wake others up, and to celebrate, fight for, and win the full equality and liberation of women."

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