Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 26 - HOODIES UP! Day of Outrage and Remembrance on the 2nd Anniversary of Trayvon Martin Murder

Revolution Books received the following announcement from Stop Mass Incarceration Network Chapter in Chicago: 

Trayvon  Jordan Davis *Central Protest in Chicago:

5:00 pm in Daley Plaza
50 W. Washington (Washington & Dearborn in Chicago Loop)
Dress WARM

YOU ARE NEEDED: Help plan Feb 26 Central Protest -- Meet  6:30pm Monday nite (Feb. 24) at Revolution Books, 1103 N Ashland Ave. or call the Stop Mass Incarceration Network - Chicago at 312-933-9586.  

Target - Feb 26February 26-Hoodies and Targets in the Face of the Powers-That-Be
No More Murder of Black Youth!

     The refusal of the court system to convict Michael Dunn for the murder of Jordan Davis is an outrage that must be responded to. On top of the exoneration of George Zimmerman for the vigilante murder of Trayvon Martin, the murders of Renisha McBride and Jonathan Ferrell for asking for help while Black, and many, many more; it amounts to Amerikkka declaring, once again, that Black people have no rights that whites must respect.

     In response, on February 26, 2 years since the murder of Trayvon, we must say in a loud voice-HOODIES UP! TIME'S UP! WE'RE STANDING UP! NO MORE MURDER OF BLACK YOUTH! This must be a Day of Outrage & Remembrance for Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and all the others who have been murdered by cops and by racists. A day when we declare: WE ARE ALL TRAYVON MARTIN! THE WHOLE DAMNED SYSTEM IS GUILTY!

     This day must be marked by hundreds of people wearing hoodies and holding targets gathering at the seats of power and influence in cities across the country. Hoodies in solidarity with Trayvon. Targets symbolizing the way the verdicts in the Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis cases underscore the reality that Black and Latino youth in this country live with a target on their backs; an ugly reality that we will show our determination to STOP on February 26.

     Youth who are tired of being treated like permanent suspects by police, and by society as a whole, looked at as guilty until proven innocent, if they can survive to prove their innocence need to be in the streets on February 26.

     Parents, who are sick of wondering when they send their children off in the morning whether they'll make it back alive, need to join them.

Everybody, Black, Latino, Asian or white
Things YOU CAN DO   
  • Wherever you are, Hoodies up.
  • Display a target to remind people that Black and Latino youth live with targets on them every day.
  • Post and distribute the Stop Mass Incarceration Statement and the Statement from Cornel West & Carl Dix.
  • Come Monday night at 6:30pm to help plan the Central Protest - meet atRevolution Books, 1103 N Ashland Ave., 1 block south of the Milwaukee-Division-Ashland Blue Line "L" stop. 
    Whatever you do, be sure to let the Stop Mass Incarceration and Revolution Newspaper ( know about it so that your action can be registered by others around the country as part of a growing movement to STOP MASS INCARCERATION and the criminalization, brutalization and murder of our Black and Brown youth .

*Stayed tuned for announcements of other events This central protest has been called by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network Chapter in Chicago. 

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