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On Monday, February 17, 2014 11:34 PM, Stop Patriarchy in Chicago 
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Dear Revolution Books,  
Only 19 days to go until International Women's Day - a day for all who dream of a world where women are treated as full human beings to act and give expression to that dream. 

Come and be part of planning a beautiful & defiant march. We're getting together Thurs, Feb. 20, 6:30-8:30 at Artists' Cafe, 412 S. Michigan Ave.  (just south of Van Buren, in the Fine Arts Building)  
Your ideas & energy are needed.

At our get-together on Thursday, we'll meet other people who want to be part of planning International Women's Day on March 8, or who just want to check it out ... We'll read and discuss Stop Patriarchy's Call to Action, and do some brainstorming for IWD! 
Finally, two wonderful pictures --  the first from Stop Patriarchy's flashmob in Union Square for One Billion Rising, last Friday Feb 14!
And the other from OBR in Chicago that day -- you can see how people loved our SP stickers!

Stay warm and see you Thursday, 

Martha for Stop Patriarchy in Chicago
Stop Patriarchy for One Billion Rising 
Int'l Womens Day
Planning Meeting
Thurs Feb 20 
6:30 pm
Artists' Cage
412 S. Michigan
in the Fine Arts Bldg.
Get ready...
March 8th
Women's Day
Stop the War on Women!

12 noon: Holy Name Cathedral 
[735 N. State St., Chicago] 
Go from there: March & protest at sites of the war on women
* Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!

* End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement & Degradation of Women!

* Fight for the Liberation of Women All Over the World!
Take to the streets this International Women's Day.Through our public resistance we will expose the illegitimacy of this whole war on women and put the woman-haters on notice that we will not sit silently by. We will express our outrage and bring alive a culture of defiance and liberation. We will wake up and rally forth many thousands more, refusing to stop until we win.

The future of women is at stake. Which side are YOU on? 
For International Women's Day actions -       
Call to Action - End Pornography & Patriarchy: 
The Enslavement & Degradation of Women
We are told that 'equality for women has been won' and that 'there are no limits to what girls can achieve.' BULLSHIT!...Read more.
This statement initiated by Stop Patriarchy in June 2013 has been signed by over 900 people from all across the country. Go to StopPatriarchy.org/abortionondemandstatement to add your name & personal message.

Abortion on Demand & Without Apology!
For Every Women in Every State
The Reversal of Abortion & Birth Control Rights Must Stop Now!

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