Monday, April 14, 2014

Environmental Emergency! The Criminal System 
and the Revolution Humanity Needs
Earth Day Film Clips & Discussion
Sunday, April 20, 4 PM  

Earth Day (April 22) arrives this year on the heels of the latest, even more grim, international report on the climate crisis facing life on this planet.  Join us on Sunday, April 20 (4 pm) to dig into the forces driving this environmental emergency, how the criminal system dominating the planet not only won't but can't stop this trajectory, and how socialist revolution can open the way to confront this crisis. 

Watch video of Carl Wassilie, Yup'iaq Alaskan, biologist and co-founder of  Alaska's Big Village Network describing the devastation of Alaska indigenous people's environment, creating the first climate refugees in this country; Orpheus Reed, one of the writers of the  Environmental Emergency special issue of Revolution, breaking down the rules of the capitalist system driving the climate crisis and how socialism based on the new synthesis of Bob Avakian can build a sustainable society (both videos from the 2013 Climate Crisis Conference in Chicago); and a clip from Bob Avakian's Revolution Talk, followed by discussion:
  • Don't the latest reports confirm that it's just too late to put a halt to this climate devastation?
  • Won't the system collapse of its own weight, along with multiple eco-systems on which it depends?
  • Building a movement for revolution takes way more time than we have, given this crisis.
  • A change of system is not going to change the greed and individualism of the majority.
  • If revolution is the only way to stop climate change, does that mean we just wait until that becomes possible, one fine day?
Join us to dig into these and other questions - the future of humanity depends on how we understand them and what we do!

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