Monday, April 28, 2014

 Monday, May 12, 7 PM, Grace Place - 637 S. Dearborn St.
(in the south Loop, just south of Harrison, 1 block west of Harrison & State Red Line stop)
 IMPORTANT TALK from the Revolutionary Communist Party:
 "Where We Are in the Revolution" 
  • If you have ever hungered for a way out of this suffering and madness...
  •  If you care about justice...
  •  If you today or at any time have thought we need a better world but despaired that such a world could be achieved...

 Come to this talk.  Find out about this revolution, and where we are in the process of making this revolution. Learn how to become part of emancipating humanity.


 We ARE Building a Movement for Revolution and Building the Party as Its Leading Core.


Call 773-489-0930 or email for more information and to reserve a place. More on



Announcing an Important Talk:
"Where We Are in the Revolution"
This talk will be given in several major cities in May. 

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