Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thursday  August 14  6pm  
Watch the webcast of a major forum in NYC:
Stop Israel's Ongoing War Crimes Against the People of Gaza
Johanna Bon, Dwayne Booth (Mr. Fish), Noam Chomsky, Richard Congress, Lamis Deek, Paul DiRienzo, Joe Friendly, Alan Goodman, Rich Greve, Abdeen Jabara, David Kirschbaum, Frederick Nagel, Pam Olsen, Sharon Pavlovich, Miko Peled, Stephanie Rugoff, Helen Schiff, Debra Sweet, Cornel West, Non Violence International, Peace Action - Staten Island, Revolution Books, Veterans for Peace Chapter 34, United National Antiwar Coalition, U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation, and World Can't Wait 
invite you to this important event.

Speakers include:  
Susan Abdel Ghafar, President Students for Justice in Palestine, John Jay College
Refaat Areer, editor of Gaza Writes Back 
Jonathan Kuttab, Human rights lawyer
Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights (by link)
Alan Goodman, writer, Revolution/revcom.us
Josh Ruebner,  US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Miko Peled, author The General's Son 
Artists, performers, and more voices from Gaza to be announced
Terrible crimes against humanity are being committed in front of our eyes. Nobody of conscience can remain silent. Those of us living in the United States -- the country that enables Israel's crimes against the people of Gaza, with political, financial, military, and moral support -- have a particular responsibility to resist and make clear these crimes are not being done in our name.
On August 14 we will bring diverse views and perspectives - including on the nature and role of Israel -- but a shared 
commitment that Israel's ongoing war crimes in Gaza must stop immediately. In doing so, we will strengthen the foundation from which to call forth new and expanding waves of protest until these crimes being perpetrated against the people of Gaza by Israel stop.

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