Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We Refuse to Accept Slavery in Any Form!
Bud Billiken Day Parade
Saturday, August 9
Join Revolution Books' Bud Billiken Parade Contingent
"We Refuse to Accept Slavery in Any Form"
Billiken 2012
Revolution Books Contingent Bud Billiken Parade

The annual Bud Billiken Day parade is the largest African-American Parade in the country.  It marches down King Drive on Chicago's Southside past hundreds of thousands of spectators.
This year's Revolution Books contingent is marching under the slogan "We Refuse to Accept slavery in any Form".   Also marching as a part of this contingent are: the Revolution Club, Stolen Lives families (people killed by police), BA Everywhere, Stop Mass Incarceration Network and Ending Pornography and the Patriarchy.  

We call on everyone who wants to fight against these injustices to join with us in this contingent. If people are concerned about the world; from the Israel's slaughter in Gaza, to the racist mobilization against children coming into the US border or the environment, you need to join with this contingent as part of resisting these outrages and calling on others to do the same.     

Get Organized...
Come to a working meeting this Thursday night, August 7, 6:30-8:30pm at Revolution Books, 1103 N. Ashland Ave. (one black south of Division) 

Revolution Books contingent will be # 97 in the parade. 
Meet 9 am Aug 9 at Oakwood and Vincennes Ave. ( 1 block east of King Drive).  There will be a Revolution Books Tent set up in Washington Park where the parade ends.
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Call 773.489.0930 for more info. & keep in touch during week

Fight the Power, Transform the People, for Revolution! 

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