Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Revolution Books received this email from STOP MASS INCARCERATION Chicago
cornel west calls for protest on 4:14:15
Watch Cornel West and Carl Dix from their Monday nights NYC presentation
"Emergency: The Police Are Still Killing Unarmed People, and This Must Stop! A Call to Act!"

Dear Friends,
Carl Dix calls for national protest on 4/14/5 
Listen as Cornel West and Carl Dix break down the stakes and possibilities in building for April 14th, a day of massive resistance all over the country. This will be a day to stop business as usual, to be as powerful as possible, and to end the system putting its
stamp of approval on police murdering people!

Over the next 6 days, we are building  a major push on social media, challenging people to ACT on April 14 to STOP police brutality & murder.

 You can make a difference by joining in. Watch the 2-1/2 minute video A Call to STOP MURDER BY POLICE! and spread it all over (see resources below for links). We are urging everyone to "Take a stand, post this to your social media right now, and act on April 14." Every pic and #ShutDownA14 hashtag will help put A14 on the map nationwide!

There are many ways to contribute, large and small.
 1) Go to for the latest videos, memes, tweets, things to do, information, news, actions, etc. from around the country.

2) If you are on Twitter, follow SMIN Chicago (@StopMassIncChi), and on Facebook, friend SMIN Chicago. Then take off in many directions, always pointing people back to the A14 Chicago Facebook event page, at and include #ShutDownA14. On Twitter, mention @StopMassIncChi on important developments, great new pix, etc.

3) If you're on other social media, like Instagram or SnapChat, get the word out there and please email us at about what you're seeing and learning, including sending photos and videos so they can be posted on

Keep us posted on what you are doing! 
Email and let them know you can help with the social media campaign for April 14.
Resources for #ShutDownA14 
Short link for video A Call to STOP MURDER BY POLICE!

Short link for SMIN Chicago April 14 Convergence Facebook event

Short link for livecast of Cornel West & Carl Dix event, April 6

Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN) national website

(Visit their subpage #ShutDownA14 for memes, videos, other postables.)

Revolution newspaper/ page on A14

SMIN national Twitter

SMIN national Facebook

SMIN Chicago Twitter

SMIN Chicago Facebook

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