Monday, August 1, 2016

The world cries out for revolution. The Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has put out an important statement "Time to Get Organized for an ACTUAL REVOLUTION" and Revolution Books Chicago urges everyone who wants to see a radically different and better world to dig into this statement.

There are serious plans to make leaps in building a movement for an actual revolution. In order to contribute to this exciting new direction, Revolution Books Chicago is going to focus on taking the works of Bob Avakian and the RCP, USA, including, Revolution newspaper, and other revolutionary literature and videos directly out to the people in neighborhoods around Chicago. To accomplish this, we will no longer be able to maintain the bookstore on Ashland Avenue.

The store closed on July 24. 
We want to express our appreciation for your support of Revolution Books. Some of you have supported Revolution Books in many ways and over many years, and others have done so only recently, and we hope you will follow and support the ongoing work being done to bring about an actual revolution. We urge you to get an e-subscription to Revolutionnewspaper  and closely follow the website, the lifeline that cuts through events to reveal the need for revolution and how to move now to hasten and prepare for that revolution.

We will continue to keep you informed via the Revolution Books email about events around Chicago, important new books, and where to find us as the revolution pops up in different parts of the city.

The Revolution Books New York store will continue to be the flagship store nationally and we support their efforts and urge you to follow their website

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