Monday, October 24, 2016

We received this urgent alert from the Revolution Club:

March against Police Brutality Brutally Attacked - by Police! 

A permitted march was brutally attacked Saturday afternoon when protesters at the National Day of Protest against Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation (O22) attempted to march down Michigan Avenue according to the permit the City of Chicago had issued to them. But instead of honoring that permit, police viciously attacked marchers, ripped a banner out of their hands, threw several to the ground, slammed their bicycles into others, piled on top of those they grabbed, and arrested at least four people.

Carl Dix, a co-founder with Cornel West of October 22 and representative of the RCP, was at the march and had this to say: "This vicious assault says a lot about this country. At a protest against the way police get away with murder, people who had a permit to march in the street get beaten and assaulted for stepping off the sidewalk. Chicago pigs who murdered Laquan McDonald, Darious Pinex, Rekia Boyd and so many others have walked free. But people who protest police brutality get beaten and arrested. America was never great. We need to overthrow, not vote for, this system."

Noche Diaz, also part of the "Get Into The Revolution" national tour, was among those arrested. Your support is needed even more urgently, to fight these completely bogus charges (we are still waiting for details) and to support the "Get Into The Revolution" Tour.

Share this invitation and bring family and friends!

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