Thursday, March 30, 2017

Refuse Fascism Chicago invites you to...

"The Trump/Pence Regime Is a Fascist Regime. Not insult or exaggeration, this is what it is... for the future of humanity and the planet, we, the people, must drive this regime out." (from the Call to Action)

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No Time for Celebration--
The Trump/Pence Juggernaut Remains on a Roll... and Must Be Driven Out

"The past two weeks have spun by at a dizzying pace. Trump's new anti-Muslim ban was instituted and then quickly blocked by federal district court judges (though it may be appealed); the hearings on possible ties between the Trump camp and Russia leading into the elections opened; and then on Friday, the Republican health care bill (which Trump strongly backed) was defeated.

"All of these were actual setbacks for the regime. But how to understand them and what needs to be done in the face of them are not so clear to many people who urgently want to see this regime gone and are heartened by these setbacks. This article will analyze what has happened; draw some distinctions of how to analyze politics in this period and from what basis should we be fighting; and put forward some views toward what must be done now.

"We cannot afford to be deceived, or deceive ourselves, as to the meaning of these events; the stakes are way too high."
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