Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking News On Occupy Chicago

Breaking News, Nov 17, 2011 On Occupy Chicago 
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3:30pm - Occupy Chicago joins Stand Up! Chicago at the Thompson Center (100 W Randolph St) to demand jobs, not cuts
5:30pm - Meet at Jackson & LaSalle to engage in a mass action against austerity measures 
6:30pm - March from Jackson & LaSalle ending up at Michigan & Congress

Occupy Movement Updates November 17, 2011

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 A REFLECTION ON THE "OCCUPY" MOVEMENT:   AN INSPIRING BEGINNING...AND THE NEED TO GO FURTHER   By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA   Posted November 7, 2011
The main-and, up to this point at least, the overwhelming-aspect of these "Occupy" protests has been their very positive thrust: in mobilizing people to stand up against injustice and inequality and the domination of economic, social and political life, and international relations, by a super-rich elite class whose interests are in opposition to those of the great majority of people; and in contributing in significant ways to an atmosphere in which people are raising and wrangling with big questions about the state of society and the world and whether and how something much better can be brought into being. It will be a very good thing if these protests continue to spread and further develop, with this basic thrust and this positive impact. And these "Occupy" protests can be a significant positive factor in contributing to the revolution that is needed-IF this is approached, by those with the necessary scientific communist understanding, in accordance with that understanding and the strategic orientation and approach that flows from it. Read on... 

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