Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Breaks Chains sqr
Join with Revolution Books in celebrating 
May Day 2012  
 Chicago - Four Defiant Days, April 28-May 1

 May Day is the revolutionary holiday when people come together all over this tortured planet and declare their determination to fight for a world fit for human beings, a world free of all forms of exploitation and oppression, without slavery in any form.
Call the Campaign  coordinator at 312-860-8167 to volunteer for any of all of  these plans. Or come by REVOLUTION BOOKS.  
Saturday April 28 
Car Caravan to West Side and South Side
Leave from Revolution Books
at 12:15 pm 

Meet at Revolution Books at 11:30 am. We will be leaving at 12:15 pm,  headed to the heart of the Westside at Madison and Pulaski. We will have a mini-rally in the area of Madison and Pulaski at 1:00pm. From there we will snake through the city to Hyde Park and the University of Chicago.   

We will be spreading the word about BA, selling BAsicsfrom the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, and distributing this special edition of Revolution newspaper. And raising money! 

Call the volunteer coordinator 312-860-8167 for an update on our location if you wish to join along the route. 
Sunday, April 29,  6pm
Fundraising Dinner to Celebrate 
May Day and A Different and Far Better Future 

Union Star M.B. Church, 
3915 W Chicago Ave, 
$10 donation

Food, Music, Spoken Word 
and More !!  

Join us as we celebrate the campaign to project Bob Avakian, his voice and his work way out into society-far beyond what it is today. Be part of this fundraising campaign and be part of an evening that unleashes and develops imagination, defiance, and community. 
Earth Breaks Chains sqr
May 1st 2012
Join the INTERNATIONALIST Contingent in the May 1 Occupy and Immigrant Rights Rally and March 
11 am - Join us near the corner of 
Washington and  Ashland - 
Look for the big Red Flag 

12 noon Rally at Union Park 
1501 W Randolph 1 pm March to Federal Plaza 

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