Monday, April 30, 2012

Cornel West/Carl Dix Dialogue at U of C

Revolution Books received the following announcement for the Cornel West-Carl Dix event - see box directly below. Because of delays at the University, publicity for this vital and timely event is just now going out. There are only 7 DAYS until the event! We urge everyone to both attend yourself and begin publicizing this event immediately in every way you can. Help make this event a tremendous success.   

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Directions to get to West-Dix dialogue at the University of Chicago: 

CTA: Take Red line to 55th Street/Garfield Blvd.. Get off and take 55 bus East to University Avenue. Walk 2 blocks South to 57th St. Enter Reynolds Club on Southwest corner of 57th & University to find Mandel Hall.  

For information on additional bus routes as well as for automobile travel, go to:

For parking information, go to

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