Thursday, April 12, 2012

We received this from the BA Everywhere campaign:

may dat 2012

To Everyone who has been involved in the BA Everywhere campaign and all those who would like to get involved:

     Sunday April 15th 4pm-7pm  
at Revolution Books 
Important mini-conference (a 3 hour with pizza) to pull together anyone and everyone who has been involved in the BA Everywhere campaign, has contributed in any way big or small, and new people who want to be part of this or learn more what this is about.  Bring your favoriteBAsics quote to share. Bring friends and family members who dream of a better world.

We will be making plans to build for a truly electrifying May Day wave of taking BA Everywhere, getting into the importance of this campaign and the work of Bob Avakian. (Read the complete call for Mayday 2012  here) .

The major national  fundraising goal through May first is $15,000 for the BAsics Bus Tour, which will be rolling into the thick of the struggle in a particular hot spot in this country. We need to be raising thousands of dollars beginning now to achieve this goal through meeting and drawing in many more people who can contribute in different ways.

To learn about the pilot project of the Bus Tour in California in February:

The nationwide plans include:

*Tuesday, April 24-Special issue of Revolution featuring quotes from BA on internationalism and revolution.

* Saturday, April 28-Reach 1000's of people who have not yet heard of BA. Get BAsics into their hands. Make a big splash!

* Sunday, April 29-Fundraising dinners to celebrate May Day and a different and far better future. Food, music, spoken word. Bring your ideas and imagination.

* Monday, April 30-Gather people and prepare for an internationalist contingent for May First.

*Tuesday May First-Join the Occupy and Immigrants Rights movement's May First demonstration in an internationalist contingent.

For a picture of what the campaign has accomplished since it was launched (click here).  For more information contact the campaign coordinator at: 312-860-8167  

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