Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, Wednesday, 7 pm 
Author Kevin Gosztola Presents for the first 
time his new book 
Truth and Consecences: The US vs Bradley Manning
Truth and Consequences:  
The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning
Songs of Social Significance

This event is part of a number of important activities in the week leading up to the NATO Summit.
Kevin Gosztola is a writer for "The Dissenter" at Firedoglake, who regularly covers WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, transparency, whistleblowing and other various civil liberties issues. In 2011, he served as an intern for The Nation Magazine and worked closely with Greg Mitchell, helping him to maintain his daily WikiLeaks blog. He also helped Mitchell produce The Age of WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences.
The same year he produced "This Week in WikiLeaks," a podcast that was often tweeted by WikiLeaks to their more than 900,000 followers. He also wrote and published to the independent news blog WikiLeaks Central and covered WikiLeaks' "Cablegate" release extensively. From 2009-2011, he served as a multimedia editor and trusted author for And, in 2010, he graduated with a Film/Video B.A. degree from Columbia College Chicago.

In a  recent posting, Glen Greenwald praised Kevin Gosztola, citing Kevin's   'typically excellent summary' of a Jeremy Scahill  exposure of  'Obama's actual death panels'.  Scahill was speaking at the International Drone Summit in Washington, DC.

Why is this book important?

"Greg Mitchell and Kevin Gosztola have provided, from the start, some of the most important coverage of WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning. They have shone a bright light on Manning's courageous whistle-blowing and brutal incarceration--and now in this timely and vital book they raise many serious questions surrounding all of that, and the new legal maneuvers against him." 

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