Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NATO War Criminals Summit
in Chicago May 20-21 
 NATO Rev cover 

Two futures are posed, two radically different worlds. One future, a horror of oppression for the people of the world and a threat to the very life of Earth, enforced by the massive military might of the capitalist/imperialists will be on display at the NATO summit Sunday and Monday
 May 20-21. 

The other is a liberating future, where there is no more oppression, no more countries, no more domination of any group by any other group, a society where people look out for the common good of all people and the life and ecosystems on the planet itself. But that requires a revolution.   Because of the work Bob Avakian is doing, we have a vision and a strategy for revolution.

People in the U.S. and around the world need to know that and know right now that the BA Everywhere campaign is fighting to bring this to people and to organize them into this movement for revolution here in the belly of the of the beast.  

1. Get Revolution newspaper featuring articles on NATO and on the BAsics Bus Tour.
 Come Tuesday evening 6-8 pm to pick up the paper and get it out everywhere -- in  neighborhoods, campuses, to the protests, rallies, and related events. Also take out the special May 1 issue featuring quotes on internationalism from BAsics.

2. Join us in an international contingent at NATO protest Sun 5/20, Noon.  Look for giant banner in Butler field, north of Jackson, east of Petrillo Bandshell and near first aid tent. The eyes of the world will be on this protest. Let's send a message to people around the world with banners that say "Humanity Needs Revolution", "Internationalism: the Whole World Comes First".   Represent for the revolution: wear your Revolution t-shirt (available at Revolution Books).  

4. Join the Occupy protests and anti-NATO activity all week, including National Nurses United rally against the global one percent on Friday, May 18, Noon at Daley Plaza, with Tom Morello.

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