Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Changing the World with BAsics 1:13... No more Generat6ions-international pic
and Getting Ready for the Next Leg
of the
BAsics Bus Tour


Over the next several weeks, be one of hundreds taking part in the fundraising for the BAsics Bus Tour and distribution of many, many, many tens of thousands of copies of this quote from Bob Avakian at right.



Chicago Local Plans  
Pick up BAsics Pluggers at 
Revolution Books
  • Get this quote out in many different ways-with palm cards, posters, Revolution newspaper centerfolds, or YouTube clips (available at youtube.com/knowthebasics1). Pick up stacks of palm cards at Revoluton Books or Frontline Books (5206 S. Harper Ave. in Hyde Park, 773-288-7718). This effort is part of a major campaign to project BA's voice into every corner of society and to raise big funds to do so: BA Everywhere... Imagine the Difference It Could Make!
  • Be part of the mini BAsics bus tour plans in Chicago on the week end of June 22 -24. We will be on the west side and south side. Plans are in formation and your ideas are needed and welcome - stay tuned!
  • Save the date in Chicago for a cultural event/fundraiser around the theme of BAsics 1:13 on the week end of June 30 - July 1. Again plans are in formation and your ideas and participation are needed and welcome - stay tuned.
    Call the volunteer Coordinator to be part of this effort:

National Plans read more 

Reach out on the weekend of June 22-24

  • Boldly decorate a van or pickup and do your own mini bus tour. Go into areas where people need to know about Bob Avakian and BAsics. Saturate a neighborhood with palm cards and posters from Revolution newspaper... distribute BAsics and play excerpts from BA's Revolution talk and "All Played Out" on loudspeakers.
  • Organize cultural events around the theme of BAsics 1:13: art exhibits, spoken word events, music and more-and raise money!
  • Take pictures, video and report on your efforts... so we can let people all over the country know what is happening where you live and how people all over are joining in this nationwide campaign. Send pictures, video, and reports to baeverywhere@gmail.com and to Revolution newspaper at revolution.reports@yahoo.com.
  • Most of all, let's get people together and work together at every opportunity. And when we do get together share your experience with others, and know you're a part of a movement that is being born.  


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