Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cornel West and Carl Dix on 
CAN TV Channel 21
SAVE THE DATE JUNE 23, 8:30 pm 
CD CW UC event

Watch the Can TV channel 21 broadcast of Carl Dix and  Cornel West. A remarkable event occurred at the University of Chicago May 7th titled:

In the Age of Obama...
Police Terror, Mass Incarceration,
No Jobs, Miseducation:
A dialogue between Cornel West and Carl Dix 

On June 23, Saturday, 8:30 CAN TV channel 21 will be showing this powerful exchange. Over 1300 people came to hear this dialogue at UC on May 7th. If you missed it or were not able to get it in here is a tremendous opportunity to see and hear their presentations and question and answers that followed.  
Join us at REVOLTUION BOOKS to watch together and bring your friends. Or gather friends at your house and watch this amazing exchange.  
Check out the article in Revolution Newspaper #272 titled: 
"The dialogue between Cornel West and Carl Dix, "In the Age of Obama... Police Terror, Incarceration, No Jobs, Mis-education: What Future For Our Youth?" has had a profound impact wherever it has gone. Over the last year, very large crowds have attended at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and now the University of Chicago (U.C.), an elite private institution located in the midst of Chicago's Southside-the largest concentration of Black people in the U.S. U.C. is where president Obama taught constitutional law, and it is in Hyde Park, where Obama maintains his residence". (See "1300 Attend Chicago Dialogue between Cornel West and Carl Dix," Revolution #269, May 20, 2012, about the U.C. dialogue.)

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