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July 8, Sunday - Benefit for the BAsics Bus Tour-7pm


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Be Part of Taking the BAsics Bus Tour Higher

People have begun to volunteer and teams are beginning to be assembled to build for this leg of the tour. But in order to make this tour happen, and for it to reverberate across the country-many hundreds need to be involved nationally and in NY itself. $50,000 is needed to have a real impact-in this region... and across the country. The situation in the world is demanding that people know about Avakian's work, andBAE Bus backhave a chance to be part of the movement to bring a radically different world into being. This is a crying need-and if we are able to reach out far and wide, tap into the inspiration and excitement (see the statements of support at that the boldness of this bus tour has garnered, and organize cores of people to come together and raise the funds in broad and creative ways-this can be made possible.

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BAsics is a book of quotations and essays from Bob Avakian - the revolutionary leader who has developed a new synthesis of communism. This Bus Tour is about putting this revolution on the map, spreading Avakian's work and involving people in BA Everywhere... Imagine the Difference It Could Make, a mass campaign to raise big money to project Bob Avakian's vision and works throughout society. YOU can be part of supporting this Tour and joining with others across the country in doing so. Follow and share this blog. Contact us at .

What You Can Do NOW
  • Contribute money. See info at,, or on how to send money.
  • Reach out to others to let them know about the tour and the ways they can donate and be part of this movement in various ways.
  • Send a statement of support to and encourage others to do the same.
  • Follow the tour at and
  • If you're in the New York area and can provide housing or food for the volunteers, or know someone who can, email Get word out about the tour to everyone you know, especially in the New York area. If you know musicians, ask them to come join the tour for a day.
  • To be part of media outreach, online research, video editing, graphic design, and other aspects of the tour, write to

On the BAsics Bus Tour blog find out more about the recent Southern leg of the Tour. Read and listen to Michael Slate's interviews with the people of Sanford:

" I Couldn't Put It Down: Getting Down to BAsics With the People of Sanford" 
by Michael Slate:

"... Virginia
quote No More Generations-eng"I met Virginia at the speak-out the BAsics Bus Tour held outside the Sanford Police Department. I spotted her driving past the rally a few times before she finally pulled over and parked. A few minutes later she got out of her car and began filming the speak-out with her phone... She told me later that it was anger, hope, and inspiration that kept her there. 'When I seen you all marching, I was like, there should be more people here, you know, I was like, wow. And then I seen other people stopping and I had stopped and that's why I came over because of the fact that I knew you all were doing something very good. It makes us feel good to know that people are standing together and they really care about what is going on here, and that you're on our side. So that means a lot for me.'"

Harlem Bus Tour Picnic
Detroit Mini Bus Tour June 23-25
Houston Open Mic

Find out what's happening around the country building for the BAsics Bus Tour and the BA Everywhere Campaign at
contact the tour at
Don't miss the bus!

 YOU are needed  
for the success of An Evening of Music & Spoken Word:
We need to raise lots of funds at this Benefit for the BAsics Bus Tour, taking the work & vision of BA across NYC and the Northeast. Follow the bus tour at:

And raising lots of funds depends on YOU:

  • Invite your friends! Forward this email by clicking "Forward Email" at bottom
  • Pick up colored posters for the Benefit at Revolution Books to post at key locations
  • Buy tickets in advance. Get consignment tickets at Revolution Books to sell
  • Contribute your time. Volunteer to help at the door and with food/drinks  
  • Contribute your skills. For example, poets are needed for the Evening
  • Contribute items & services for the silent auction
  • Donate money to help the BAsics Bus Tour reach millions!

Contact the fundraising coordinator to get involved at: 312-860-8167


FOR THE BAsics BUSdonation pic TOUR

(Garage Sale is July 7 Sat.10 am- 5pm,  

not at Revolution Books) 

We are counting on YOU for the success of the garage sale since it depends on enough quality items donated. Working electronics, appliances, furniture, clothes, and children's toys are especially needed.  

Summer Cleaning?  Moving? Donate items for the garage sale and ask others to do the same to raise funds to benefit the BAsics Bus Tour:

Drop items off at Rev Books during hours: Wed-Fri 2-7 pm, Sat 12 -7 pm Sun 12 -5pm.

Got an hour or two?  We need volunteers for pricing items, setting up, cleaning up or taking a shift in between.  Join in the fun, even if only for a short time.  Contact us now:  773-489-0930. 

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