Thursday, December 19, 2013

Revolution Books
Revolution Cafe Holiday Fundraising Party
If you Missed it...
The December 6 opening of Revolution Café was an exciting, beginning step in raising funds and introducing new people to Revolution Books. A DJ played music, sand poken word and poetry were in the house. RB's space was lit up with new energy and lively support from many people - both new and familiar. In the course of the evening, $310.00 was raised for RB's emergency fund drive and it gave a nice boost to holiday book sales.

RB's Revolution Café aims to do regular fundraising cultural events bringing together artists to contribute to what Bob Avakian has called "a radical revolt against a revolting culture." The holiday party was an exciting, initial experience in getting this off the ground. Many more people are needed to be part of making this go forward.

Revolution Books kicked off the night with a short statement from RB welcoming people and spoke on how essential RB is to building a movement for revolution and the importance of applying Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism to cultural events at RB.

Revolution Café opened with spoken word poets hitting the mic. They were followed by a poem on resistance to torture and the need for resistance to this horrific crime against humanity. People danced, ate great food contributed by supporters of RB, and bought raffle tickets to many gifts donated by local merchants.

Plans are being made for Revolution Café to hold another event in later January and we are calling to artists of all types: from spoken word, theater, poets, singing, musicians, and comedians to be part of Revolution Cafe's ongoing programs. To be a part of these programs, contact Revolution Books at 773-489-0930




Dirty Wars book
BA Speaks RNL

This a great way to support Revolution Books and be a part of expanding this essential bookstore and broaden its reach as a center of a movement for revolution and dig into culture, current events, classics and revolutionary theory and strategy. Order any of these books or tell us what you want and we will order it. 
Other ways you can contribute: 
Donate your favorite book to the store; make suggestions for new books; contribute gently used books. Be part of the RB community. Send us your ideas, donate or volunteer and drop into RB for you holiday gifts.
To buy books on line order contact and leave book orders and contact information.
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