Thursday, June 26, 2014

Frederick Douglass
Come One! Come All!
July 6th Picnic  


Building the Revolutionary Struggle Against All Forms of Slavery Today-And Raising Funds to Get the Word Out On Revolutionary Leader Bob Avakian (BA) Everywhere

  Sunday  July 6   2-6pm
63rd St Beach, Chicago
Children welcome!   $5 donation requested,

Look for the red flag and the tent in the shade on the grass near parking lot. At 63rd Street and South Lakeshore Drive, parking available. 63rd Street CTA bus goes all the way to the beach on Sundays.
For more information:   BA Everywhere Committee 312-860-8167
  Revolution Books     773-489-0930    1103 N. Ashland Ave   Chicago

In 1852, the escaped slave and freedom fighter Frederick Douglass gave a powerful, historic speech condemning the hypocrisy of America. Douglass exposed how the vaunted "greatest democracy in the world" had built its wealth on the enslavement of Africans and their descendants, and called for the abolition of this slavery.

Today, 162 years later, chattel slavery is no longer the law of the land (though millions  worldwide are still enslaved, in ways that indirectly and often directly feed into and benefit the American empire). Yet today...  
From those millions of Black and Latino youth put in a pipeline to prison the  
hour they are born... to the women who, even if they do not find themselves among the millions and even billions directly trafficked or raped or brutalized or denied the rights to abortion and birth control still suffer the consequences of those practices and like all women must every day walk a gauntlet of  potential abuse and danger...
From the immigrants, here and around the world, driven by a desperate need  
to work to risk their lives in the deserts and oceans to then live in the shadows  
for the "chance" to be bitterly exploited... to the billions overall, whose very
lives are funneled into amassing huge wealth for the imperialists while they
themselves scrape for survival...
From those who suffer the horrors of America's invasions, proxy wars,  
and drone strikes... to the way in which humanity as a whole faces an
environmental catastrophe for which capitalism, in its mad pursuit for profit,
has no other recourse but to make it worse...  
bae kids and banner
BA Everywhere Van Tour
...for all these, and for those whose hearts beat in empathy with them, America's July 4th boasts are still nothing but mockery and hypocrisy. July 4th weekend this year must NOT be a holiday to celebrate their revolution but a time to seize to build for the REVOLUTION we need now, at the earliest possible time, to get rid of their instruments of power and bring in a whole new world, free of all forms of slavery, all exploitation, and all the rotten institutions and ideas that go with the system of capitalism and prop it up.    
On Sunday July 6th:  Come to a picnic to raise funds to get the word out on the revolutionary leader  Bob Avakian (BA). Bob Avakian has taken the theory of revolutionary communism to a new level and has developed a way to actually overcome this madness. And, BA provides the practical leadership to the vanguard of the revolution we need, the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. 
In commemoration of Douglass' speech-and in recognition of the fact that, as BA writes in BAsics, "There would be no United States as we know it today without slavery. That is a simple and basic truth."-these picnics and other activities will raise two slogans:
Along with the food, fun and culture that will be provided, you will be able to actively engage with why we need a revolution, with what BA has brought forward in relation to that, and with how we actually prepare the ground, prepare the people and prepare the vanguard TO get ready for the time when millions can be led to go for revolution, all-out, with a real chance to win. You will be able to find out about the BA Everywhere campaign, as well as crucially important struggles that are being waged to end the mass incarceration of Black and Latino people, and to end the degradation and oppression of women. 
Do you:
Hate the modern-day forms of enslavement that chain people down?
Hunger for a better world?
Want to see a real future for our youth?
Want to hear about revolutionary ideas on what can be done to bring that world and future into being?  
Then Join Us at the BA Everywhere Fundraising Picnic!
Contact the BA Everywhere Committee or Revolution Books if you can help - Spread the word - Arrive early to help set up - Bring a salad or desert
Contact  for more information about the BA Everywhere campaign.

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