Friday, June 6, 2014

PrintersRowLouVisit Revolution Books Booth
at Printers Row Lit Fest.

Saturday/Sunday, 10am - 6pm

Booth # 231-233
(east side of Dearborn St., half block south of Harrison)
Meet Brian Dolinar, editor of The Negro In Illinois: the WPA Papers, at our booth, Sunday 2-3pm.
Printers Row is the biggest literary fest in the Midwest, attended by tens of thousands of book readers from throughout Chicagoland and beyond. This is a unique opportunity to impact and connect with many, many people.

Your support can make a difference in what we accomplish. What can you do? Help us set up our booth; distribute flyers with upcoming events to the crowds; listen to and reach out to authors for RB; bring by a donation of good used books; join with RB and BA Everywhere to take out the 1000 Years-$1000 fundraising project for literature to prisoners; bring your friends to get the latest cutting edge books and outstanding used titles too. Talk with staff about upcoming plans.

Help us put RB on the map as a center for revolution, so it is increasingly known to all those who are sickened by the misogynous murder rampage in Isla Vista, the epidemic of mass incarceration destroying our youth, the escalating environmental catastrophe, and other emergencies global humanity faces. With books and literature and displays, we will be stepping to people about what's behind these outrages, introducing them to a genuine way out concentrated in the work and vision of Bob Avakian, and connecting them to the movement for revolution and a bookstore at the center of it.   

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