Friday, June 6, 2014

Revolution Books received the following from: 
Chicago BA Everywhere Committee
Maggie Brown Benefit
 for BA Everywhere - a Success!! 
 Sunday - June 8, 4pm 
BA Everywhere Meeting 
at Revolution Books

Jazz singer Maggie Brown Performing Legacy Our Wealth of Music at BA Everywhere benefit
Jazz singer Maggie Brown
Performs LEGACY: Our Wealth of Music

Maggie Brown's generous offer to perform her one-woman show was exactly what host Sekou Tafari had predicted:
"a double whammy!" High quality entertainment that contributed to the goal of emancipating humanity, plus raising funds to spread revolutionary leader Bob Avakian's work everywhere. A diverse audience of young and old  were taken on a journey, sometimes joyful and sometimes sobering, as Maggie's songs passionately expressed how African Americans have created music throughout their history, not only to cope with hardship, but also to lift spirits, convey hidden truths, and introduce new paths of expression that have added immeasurably to the world's cultural wealth.

After several standing ovations for Maggie, a speaker gave a brief description of the BA Everywhere campaign and what a difference it would make if BA were everywhere, opening up imaginations and contributing to the real possibility of radical change. A film clip was shown from "Stepping into the Future: On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics - A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World"  in which Maggie Brown plays an integral role.

The program ended with a call to the audience to contribute to  raising $1000 for BA Everywhere for the 1000 years lost in the hellholes of this nation of prisons, including to send revolutionary literature to prisoners. An actor read an inspiring letter from a prisoner who eloquently exposed the damage mass incarceration causes but also the possibilities of prisoners being transformed politically and coming out of prison to have an impact on youth.

The BA Everywhere Committee intends to hold more benefits as well as a theater screening of the film "Stepping into the Future." Please come to our meeting this Sunday and become a part of this exciting project.

SUNDAY  -  JUNE 8  -  4pm 

at Revolution Books
1103 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago 
Make Plans for:  1000 Years--$1000  &
Theatrical Screening of "Stepping into the Future"
The entire quote below from BAsics addresses "those the system counts for nothing, [who] can count for a great deal," a poetic challenge to become emancipators of humanity.  This is the heart of what we are all contributing to by raising $1000 for BA Everywhere during the month of June. Become a part of making history. 

*Let's set a goal and make plans to reach it.
*Bring your ideas on events and people to go to.
*Where should we show "Stepping Into the Future"?
*Who wants to work on making that happen?

BA Everywhere Chicago Committee

Join BA Everywhere

at Upcoming Events

Sat, June 7 & Sun, June 8 10am to 5pm 

Printers Row
Lit Fest

Booth #231/233
Come for an hour or all day to Revolution Books Booth #231/233 near Grace Place  - 637 S Dearborn St.

Thurs. June 12, 7pm.
"BA Speaks: 
Revolution -  

Nothing Less!"
film clip showing, Thurs. Revolution Books - 1103 N Ashland Ave. 

Saturday , June 21
11am to 10pm
Halsted between Addison and Belmont
Sunday, June 29,
11am - 5pm

Gay Pride Parade 
Booth at Montrose Harbor Park

Resources available from Revolution Books
1103 N Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL
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