Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Get Into Bob Avakian--BA--and get into the campaign to raise the funds to get BA Everywhere

Film clip showing and discussion
Saturday, April 23, 5-7 pm
Revolution Books
1103 N Ashland 

You're invited to watch a few clips with us! This is part of building the nationwide campaign to get BA Everywhere. We aim to raise the serious funds required to make Bob Avakian (BA) known throughout all of society. Who is Bob Avakian? He's the leader of a new stage of communist revolution!

Join us to watch clips of videos of talks by BA, talk about them, enjoy refreshments, raise funds, and make plans for spreading BA Everywhere this spring and summer.

Revolution Books' mission is to build community among those who are deeply concerned about the state of the world. Bob Avakian's work and leadership are at the core of what we stand for. He is someone who speaks so deeply about what the most oppressed people in this society and the world are experiencing and at the same time explains so clearly WHY the world is a horror and HOW it could be different. This is like nothing you've ever heard--in a world where the only choices on offer are aiming to lead people back into the confines of the very system causing immeasurable damage to the planet and its people, Avakian is pointing a way out for humanity. As he says "We can change the whole world together with people all over the world."

Come find out who Bob Avakian is and what he's saying. Learn more and find links to BA film clips here.

Come to Revolution Books anytime during Friday and Saturday open hours--we will be showing clips of BA and welcome informal discussion.
Why are we still fighting for justice in 2015?
Information about Bob Avakian from the BA Everywhere campaign:

Bob Avakian came out of the struggles of the 1960s, working closely with the Black Panther Party and other radical movements of the times. In 1975, he led in forming the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. He is leading the Party, and the movement for an actual revolution in the U.S., theoretically and practically.

After the defeats of the first socialist revolutions in the 20th century, first in the former Soviet Union in the mid-1950s, and then in China in 1976 after the death of Mao, BA went deeply into this experience--learning from and firmly upholding and defending the path-breaking achievements of these revolutions, while also scientifically probing and summing up their shortcomings. On the basis of this, and drawing from broader inquiry, including advances in science, history, philosophy and culture, Bob Avakian has developed a new synthesis of communism that builds on this experience and is a leap beyond, and, in some important dimensions, a rupture with what came before--enabling humanity to do even better in the revolutions to come.

The scientific understanding of human society--how it developed, the nature of capitalism, and the material basis for communism, for human emancipation--was the historic breakthrough and achievement of Karl Marx over 150 years ago. The world would not be the same after Marx.

What Bob Avakian has done represents work of that significance and on that level.

As a leader, BA embodies a rare combination of someone who has developed scientific theory on a world-class level while having a deep understanding of and a visceral connection with the most oppressed. He makes the science of revolution accessible to the millions who need it. He does this with tremendous heart and faith in the potential and ability of people to come to understand what it will take to bring a radically different world into being and, on that basis, become emancipators of humanity.

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