Friday, June 28, 2013

Sidewalk Sale Orange
Revolution Books
Sidewalk Sale
Sat June 29  Noon- 7pm 
Sun June 30  1 - 5pm

Many valuable  items have been donated by supporters to SAVE Revolution Books.  Get baby and kid clothes; kitchen equipment - microwave, cooker, coffee maker, pots, individual waffle maker; DVDs and VHS; ,shoulder bags; tools; electronic equipment; pet carry cage; jewelry; Coleman stove and camping equipment; bike tools; bath & bedroom items, towels, sheets, duvets; very nice paintings, beautiful clean rug.

save rbVolunteers are needed to help set-up sale and price items on Saturday, do sales on Sat and Sun, and take down on Sunday. Stay for an hour or a few. Call 773.489.0930 or just come by.

Sidewalk Sale is part of the campaign to Save Revolution Books.
Your support for the used book sales and other projects, as well as your direct donations, have made an important difference. But more is needed now. When you shop at Revolution Books, you do two things: get an excellent book or other item and you support a bookstore that's all about a racially different future for humanity. If you are someone who just can't look the other way when thousands who make our clothes are burned or crushed to death in Bangladesh, or you won't accept being spied on and lied to, then Revolution Books is your bookstore.

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