Monday, June 24, 2013

"Hot Topics" Discussion Thursday June 27

Spying on PlanetWhat's behind the epidemic of US Govt. spying AND what needs to be done to stop it?
Thursday, June 27, 7 pm

at Revolution Books 

As said in Revolution newspaper:"And let's be clear... this massive spying on the phone calls and Internet activity of billions of people around the world is being carried out by a ruling class in this country that sees the vast majority of humanity as a potential threat to their system of exploitation and oppression, and has proven over and over that it uses this kind of data to carry out terrible crimes. .... The more data these monsters have about people's personal lives, medical records, political activity and networks of friends and associates, the more horrific the crimes they can commit.

They need to be stopped now through determined political protest and resistance, including by having the backs of heroes like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden (see "Five Points of Orientation on the Revelations of Government Surveillance"), and journalists who have the courage and honesty to make sure the crimes that are being exposed are not covered over or whitewashed."  

Read the Five Points of Orientation On the Revelations of Government Surveillance and come discuss what is behind these outrages and what we need to do to stop it. It is Late, but NOT Too Late!   
Snowden Manning Forum Pic   
Weekend Schedule

Revolution Books Sidewalk Sale fundraiser: Postponed until July 29-30.  
Sun. June 23, 3-7pm 63rd St. Beach Potluck Picnic for BA Everywhere!
6300 S Lake Shore Drive - Lake Shore Dr. & Hayes Dr. Children welcome. Bring a chair.
new BA Speak Poster with cities
  Dirty Wars the film

See Dirty Wars film at Landmark Century Theater; buy book at Rev Books.  

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