Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chicago Launch of NO! We Refuse to Accept Fascist America!

As Sunsara Taylor says, "Trump and Pence are illegitimate. They don't have any right to be running

people's lives, to be running the country, and running the world. They didn't win the popular vote and even more importantly, they are fascists. We have 30 days before they're in office and the way to deal with fascism is to stop it before it starts. To bring forward those millions who are in anguish, who are in outrage, who are in terror right now, and translate that into organized resistance."

In Chicago, the launch began with a Monday morning press conference at the Federal Courthouse
(Windy City Times report here). That evening, the organizing meeting in Refuse Fascism-Chicago forged beginning plans to do our part to get tens of millions into the streets and staying in the streets to STOP this regime. Here are some of the initial plans--

NO! The holidays must not be normal holidays. Turn your Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza, and other gatherings into organizing sessions. Reach out to your religious and community leaders. Call on pastors to lead people out of church and into the streets right now. Stand in silence or make noise. Either one. All of it.

NO! Signs must proliferate everywhere. Organize vigils, marches and make it known so that millions begin seeing this "NO!" everywhere. Need materials?
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Hold fundraisers. Tens of thousands of dollars are needed just to get the Call into the New York Times and other papers/websites. Our target date for publication is January 3. Fundraising has already begun, join and get trained to raise serious money for a serious threat to humanity.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 29, SAVE THE DATE: Next organizing meeting, 7 pm. Place to be announced, in central Chicago. Come, bring friends!

NEW YEAR'S EVE: Protest at Trump properties across the country. No Fascist New Year! Join us at Trump Towers in the Loop starting at 7:00 pm. Bring pots and pans.

FIRST 2 WEEKS OF JANUARY: Rolling decentralized protests and resistance.

JANUARY 12 and 13: Students walkouts. Find your own way to act. Everyone saying "NO!"

MARTIN LUTHER KING WEEKEND: Start pouring into DC and DON"T LEAVE! Learn from the Occupy Movement, South Korea, Tahrir Square in Egypt... Protests in every city for people who can't go to DC.

All this crescendos into Inauguration Day where EVERYONE says NO! AND REFUSES TO LEAVE UNTIL THIS IS STOPPED!

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